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Conflict Transformation

Conflict transformation, as opposed to 'conflict resolution', doesn't take conflict as something to be overcome but as something to be harnessed. In conflict is the possibility of reaching new levels of connection and understanding that would not have been possible without conflict. My role as your neutral third party is to empower you to reap the fruits of conflict in a way that goes beyond 'who is right and who is wrong'. Jointly, we will create space for each party to be listened to deeply - not only with their story, but with the needs and longings underneath the story - until all are ready to come together in a place where solutions emerge that are beneficial to all. My focus is on culturally aware and inclusive conflict transformation that welcomes diversity and provides a level playing field for all to have equal space to express themselves and be heard.  



Private Conflict Transformation

The extraordinary challenge of being human in a complex world can stretch our capacity to remain present and caring with our closest ones to the breaking point.

Moving between cultures as a family can be one such challenge, as professional and personal identities are redefined and new connections and roots have to be made that shake up the way things were before. If your family host multiple cultures you may be familiar with what it feels like to navigate ambiguity and negotiate what fulfilling family life means for all.

I support you in returning to common ground in times of high stress and tension within the family by facilitating conversations between you that give space to all. Being listened to not only reduces tension and emotional charge but also enhances our willingness to hear one another and to offer whatever one freely can to make life wonderful again for all. 



Conflict Transformation in the Workplace

The meeting point of cultures within teams and organisations is enriching - and challenging. We may put up with unease and disharmony for a long time before calling it conflict and addressing it.

I come in at the earliest stage possible to facilitate your interaction with attention to all. Together we enter into an honest and open conversation about your situation in which all voices are heard until we explore what can be done, individually and collectively, to cater to the needs of all.

This way, conflict becomes a source of connection, understanding and renewed energy to work towards common goals. 

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