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Coaching & Training

My coaching and training offers are 100% tailored to you and your needs. There are no ready-made packages, but modules that can be combined to give you the support your situation requires. The tools I share with you are practical and designed to be applied in real life - I support you with accountability structures so that it becomes easy for you to put new ways of doing and being into practice. If you want more confidentiality and flexibility, I am available for both location independent (online) as well as in-person coaching and training. My coaching and training offers are culturally aware, inclusive and welcome diversity, and I support you in embodying the same.


For Individuals & Couples

1:1 Personal Coaching

Moving between two cultures requires much more than shipping boxes of belongings. The fundamental challenge of leaving the known and discovering the unknown is mental and emotional.

Coaching offers you a space for reflection and growth to consciously engage with and adjust to the new culture while cultivating aspects of your own culture which give you safety and strength.

Coupled with practical tools and exercises of mindfulness and needs-based communication, you build emotional and mental resilience to make your transition professionally successful as well as personally meaningful and empowering.



Group Training & 1:1 Coaching

Intercultural trainings typically aim at preparing you for a new culture with information and concepts, preparing your left brain hemisphere via your intellect and reason for a new cultural experience. Learning and reading about India and being in India are, however, two very different things. 

My offers equip you and your team with practical, proven tools that mitigate the mental and emotional challenges you may experience despite all of your existing cultural knowledge. 

The group training can be an addition to existing intercultural trainings and is followed up with individual coaching sessions to support all or selected team members in their adaptation process confidentially and at their own pace.

Next Steps

If you would like to know more about my coaching & training offers, please get in touch with me. You can contact me directly by email or send me a message below. 

Personally, I prefer speaking to you in person (on the phone / on Skype or Zoom) about your situation so that I can tell you specifically if and how I can support you.

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